C R E A T I N G  S P A C E

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The touch helps us to feel the contours of our skin that separates the internal and the external. 
To get in touch with yourself and the other  stimulates sensitivity and makes us feel more comfortable. .
Restoring our energy by balancing the nervous system activities bringing us serenity.


Life is movement in the present moment. It is the movement that moves us and removes what needs to circulate. Movement balances stagnant tensions and stimulates the functioning of the organism.

Together, we seek the movement that inspires you to live with joy and rhythm. 


Through speech and listening, we enter in contact with different perspectives, we increase our mind's flexibility and minimize our need to always be right. 

C R E A T I N G  S P A C E

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The meetings take place according to the needs of the client and last more or less one hour and half. On the first meeting, we do an anamnesis to identify and determine the line of work .


The group meetings take place as workshops of one or more days, with different contents following the principles described at the beginning of the website.

team work.

The work with companies and organizations aims to provide simple body care practices in the workplace in the form of touch, movement and sharing about the functioning of the organism. This kind of care stimulates the circulation  of tension, decreasing limitations caused by pain or lack of movement,generating well-being .

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